According to sources, the origin name of Ljubljana is not clear, In the Middle Ages, both the river and the town were also known by the German name Laibach, which was in official use until 1918. For most scholars, the problem has been in how to connect the Slovene and the German names.

The symbol of the city is the Ljubljana Dragon. It is depicted on the top of the tower of the Ljubljana Castle in the Ljubljana coat-of-arms and on the Ljubljanica-crossing Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most). It symbolizes power, courage, and greatness.

The most beautiful place on earth
I never would have thought I will come to this place, never even have thought that the most beautiful place on earth to me exist in Slovenia. Slovenia does not look like a third world country to me after all. Although it is winter, but the water flows passing from cities to Slovenia is really clear and clean. Also probably because the town is very small, the city comes alive at night, especially when there are festivals and events take place in the holiday season.

Small shops built with wood are everywhere across the streets, some sells chocolates, perfumes, foods and drinks, also its famous Slovenian Honey Brandy. The city is peaceful and quiet, yet lively in the other hand. The people there are very nice and welcome tourist with so much warmth.

Ljubljana Castle
The tourist attraction spots are almost the same as the others European countries, such as Town Hall and Cathedral. However, if you would like to enjoy the Ljubljana beautiful view, then you ought to visit its famous Skyline, which is the Ljubljana Castle. It was originally a Medieval fortress, probably built in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 12th century, it acquired its present outline with an almost complete overhaul in the 15th century, whereas the majority of the buildings date to the 16th and 17th centuries. In addition, you need to pay an admission fee to enter the castle itself, and I suggest you to visit the website to have a check on their schedules as the opening and closing hours are different each of the month.

Foods and Drinks
You will easily find foods and drinks sold on the street, especially in Winter Holiday Season. Slovenian dishes you should try is Carniolan Sausage, Potica (slovenian nut roll) also their Kuhano Vino (mulled wine).
I would recommend one of the cafes we visited last time if you want to chill out with some friends, the cafe name is Lolita, located just next to a street bridge of the city. They have a friendly staff and serve excellent dessert!

Million of thanks to Chua, so that I had that chance to explore the beauty of Ljubljana, the most beautiful place on earth. Winter, December 2012, Slovenia


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