How Ice Cream Help Lose Your Weight?

So, is the ice cream diet true?

The idea of losing weight is to burn out the extra fat in your body with exercising and consume less calories healthy meal into your body. According to Bartell, diet comes down to caloric restriction, so “Anyone who eats 1,200 calories per day will lose weight in the short term, because the body will be in caloric deficit,” she says.

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The ice cream diet is based on a book of Holly McCord. Her idea is simple; ice cream do not have the power to weight loss, but because you’re having healthy meals and limit your calories intake, then you can add the ice cream treat to your daily plan and still lose weight. However, you have to keep in mind that not all ice cream is on the list.

Eskimomo is a handcraft ice cream gourmet company based in Jakarta; the ice cream made uses the finest local ingredients, all naturals, with no flavorings, stabilizer, or emulsifier. It is also Philadelphia-style ice creams that contain No Eggyolk, which means less fat in the ice cream as the fatty yolk has been excluded from the treat. Most ice cream company‘s ice cream contain more than 400 of calories of every 100gr of serving, while Eskimomo’s Ice Cream on the other hand has only half of them.

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Besides less calories and healthier, each of every ice cream made have their own unique flavors, such as their famous Apple Pie, Sweet Corn with Beryl Swirl, Choco Mint Cookies, Choco Orange, Coffee with Honey Almond, Salted Caramel Popcorn. So, why not adding a scoop of Eskimomo’s Ice Cream to your diet plan today?

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Nasi Uduk Ice Cream & Kunyit Asem Sorbet by Eskimomo, the Ice Tinkers

I know you are curious, with the ice cream and the ice tinkers, Eskimomo.
Yes, Eskimomo has made a new breakthrough in creating new ice cream flavors, and this time the flavors are definitely new in the Ice Cream World and also represent Indonesia traditional dishes.
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The ice cream degustation was held as Eskimomo 2nd anniversary celebration with menu inspired by traditional Indonesian food.

Let’s Welcome Nasi Uduk Ice Cream & Kunyit Asem Sorbet!
Nasi Uduk Ice Cream
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‘The ice cream is soy sauce flavored, served with sweet chili jam, rice pudding, anchovy and peanuts, and also chips melinjo.’

Kunyit Asem Sorbet
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‘Tamarind Sorbet served with Kunyit Merengue and Pomelo’

5-courses menu were presented in the degustation, which were the Nasi Uduk Ice Cream, Kunyit Asem Sorbet, also Pisang Goreng Ice Cream, Rujak Ice Cream, and Kopi Joss as the final dish.

According to Gupta, they have plans for Eskimomo outlets in the future, but their main focus now is the flavor innovation. Eskimomo would like to have more collaboration in producing unique flavors such as the previous Miso Caramel Cashew, Kinako, Tokyo Banana, and Mulled Wine Sorbet.

Eskimomo Salted Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream

Besides Nasi Uduk Ice Cream and Kunyit Asem Sorbet, Eskimomo has 6 unique flavors sold in the market, which are the famous Apple Pie, Sweet Corn with Beryl Swirl, Choco Mint Cookies, Choco Orange, Coffee with Honey Almond, and Salted Caramel Popcorn. You can place your order through The ice creams are also available in Kemchicks Pacific Place and Koiki Eatery in Senopati Suites Apartment.

Eskimomo Coffee with Honey Almond Ice Cream

Eskimomo is a Philadelphian-style ice cream, means no yolks are used in the process of ice cream making. In addition, the ice cream is made using the finest ingredients from local producers, all naturals, with no flavorings, stabilizer, or emulsifier.

Picture taken from Eskimomo Instagram

It was not easy to create the recipes as the basic ingredients of nasi uduk and kunyit sorbet were never ice and cream. However, these two ice tinkers had successfully done something extraordinary by unleashing their boundless creativity, and it all happens because of their patience, innovativeness, and ‘desire to create something that can please as many people as possible’ quoted from Eskimomo’s story.

So, instead of Ice Cream Maker, I prefer calling them The Ice Tinkers.