What To Do in Sapporo in One Day? – Hokkaido Summer Trip

The sun shone brightly last June with a little bit of wind left from Spring, there was no snow, and believe me Hokkaido in June is a perfect summer getaway for those who love both warmth and cold at the same time. The smell of fresh air, blue ocean, and great foods, it definitely makes me wanted to go back to Hokkaido again!

I arrived in Sapporo around 2pm, and here are the list of places I have visited on the first day. Please noted that it was summer, so there are definitely no winter activities described in this blog. Here we go!

1. Sapporo Beer Museum


Sapporo Beer Museum

Hokkaido is well known for its beer, and Sapporo Beer is one of the oldest beer brands in Japan.


Sapporo Beer Museum

The Sapporo Beer Museum was opened in 1987, and you could explore the history of Japan Beer, the beer making process, as well as beer tastings at a small fee. However, good news is you don’t need to pay for the entrance fee! There are few restaurants next to the museum if you would like to chill a little, although they are quite pricey.

2. Sapporo Supermarket


Sapporo Asahi, Sea Urchins and Scallops

Supermarket in Sapporo is one of my favorite place to visit! Why? Because everything is so affordable! A big supermarket is located at the back of the museum named Ario. I purchased scallops, sea urchins at a very affordable price. There were tables and seats right in front of the cashier when I was there, so you could either enjoy your meal right where you are or served your delicious meal back at the hostel like I did.

2. Sapporo TV Tower


Sapporo TV Station

Sapporo TV Tower is located in the northern of Sapporo, around Odori Park, it has an observation deck and tourists are allowed to visit. Unfortunately, I didn’t go up to the observation deck. However, it still worth a visit since it is one of the Sapporo Iconic.

3. Susukino


Courtesy of Sapporo Travel

Well, every major big city has their own red-light district, and yes Susukino is one among it. Susukino is a great place for late night entertainment, you could also find bars, restaurants and yes adult entertainment in this area. So, if you travel with kids, I suggest you leave them back at the hotel.

4. Seafood Ramen


Crab and Scallop Ramen

Sapporo Ramen is always in most tourist’s bucket list, probably due to the cold weather. However, that’s not the only reason, it’s because you can have a sip of their tasty seafood ramen with a very affordable price.


Yokocho Ramen

Yokocho Ramen is one of the most popular ramen restaurants in Sapporo. It is located in Susukino and opens 24 hours a day. We are not allow to take a picture of the restaurants, except for the ramen they served. A bowl of crab ramen with scallop costs around 1600yen to 2000yen and it worth every single penny!

5. Summer Festival


Hokkaido Jingu Festival

The best thing about summer in Japan is its festival, and every major city has their own scheduled of rituals and festivals. It varies from places to places, so you can try to check on the schedules before you came. I was very lucky to encounter Hokkaido Jingu Festival that was held in Sapporo this year on 14-16th of June.

However, if you are looking for its iconic snows and winter activities, then summer is definitely not a good time for visit. It would be best to visit a city based on the activities you would want to do while you are there. Since I am not a big fan of snow boarding, Hokkaido is definitely one of the best city to visit in Japan while Summer!


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