Big Fan of Books and Libraries? Come Visit Boston Public Library While You are Here!

The idea of living is to learn, not only while you were young, but to learn while you still can.

There are many ways for us to learn, some learn by doing, some learn from audio and some learn from books.


 If you love reading and is a fan of big and comfortable libraries, Boston Public Library which was located in Boylston St is definitely worth your visit.

The library is so big, peaceful and quiet. I stayed for more than 3-4 hours here last time.

Boston Public Library also provides desktop computers and internet for Library Card Holders.

There are many sections of reading in this library, so you would certainly found books based on your interest.

The opening hours is from 9 morning to 9 evening. However, I suggest you to ask the officer regarding the day of your visit. You could email or dial 617-536-5400.


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