Helicopter Ride to Statue of Liberty and Manhattan New York

New York is all about the streets, the lights at night, the tall skyscrappers, and one of the way to enjoy this magnificent scenery is by having yourself a helicopter ride over the city.


I still remember how beautiful it looked that day, fine weather, sunny, flying above Manhattan and over the Statue of Liberty.


 The New York Helicopter ride is located on 6 East River Piers, New York, NY 10004. The heliport is very close to Wall Street or the financial district.


If you are interested, you could email them for booking to info@newyorkhelicopter.com or dial 212-361-6060.


The price varies depending on the length of time, but approximately is around USD150. You could check Groupon in case there are promotions.




Gratitutes to the pilot are very appreciated, and remember to bring it with you, because your bags would be stored in a locker when you fly.


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