Big Fan of Books and Libraries? Come Visit Boston Public Library While You are Here!

The idea of living is to learn, not only while you were young, but to learn while you still can.

There are many ways for us to learn, some learn by doing, some learn from audio and some learn from books.


 If you love reading and is a fan of big and comfortable libraries, Boston Public Library which was located in Boylston St is definitely worth your visit.

The library is so big, peaceful and quiet. I stayed for more than 3-4 hours here last time.

Boston Public Library also provides desktop computers and internet for Library Card Holders.

There are many sections of reading in this library, so you would certainly found books based on your interest.

The opening hours is from 9 morning to 9 evening. However, I suggest you to ask the officer regarding the day of your visit. You could email or dial 617-536-5400.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

I finally understood why whatever sin that happens in this city stays in this city. Because when you walk along the street of vegas, you will encounter madness and from everyone.

The Simpson in The Strip

Screaming, laughters surrounded Las Vegas. Need no worries, this sin city turns out to be the safest city on earth, because everybody here care for their own business.

Fremont Street

Casinos, hotels, stripclubs, tattoo parlours, everything are all here in this magnificent land, and you could easily spotted them without even need to look for it.

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

The first entry point of Las Vegas is definitely the Fremont Street, because it was the old strip street.


Everynight there are performance and attractions in Fremont, and they are free. You could also find many stores and restaurants in here.


Treasure Island Hotel & Casino


Not only that, the best is yet to come, because everything is so beautiful here, especially the designs and interior of all the hotels and casinos.

The Strip Las Vegas


All along the strip, casinos and hotels are everywhere. From Bally, Wynn, Caesar Palace, you name it! Many of it are just straight across this very street.

Paris Resort & Casino

New York resorts, paris resorts, you name it! Not only they are beautiful, but the hotels price are affordable, so need not worry about whether or not it cost alot, because it is not expensive.

Las Vegas Sign

If you go straight along the las vegas strip, this would be the end of the point. Many tourist would come here just to take a picture of this las vegas sign.

Deuse Bus The Strip

You will need more than 2 hours walk in the strip, so I suggest you to take Deuse Bus from Fremont street, and the price of 24 hours bus ticket is USD8 and 2 hours for USD6.


And this is definitely one of my most favorite view. You could take this shot right in front of Caesar Palace, you could spot this beautiful scene all along the way!

Helicopter Ride to Statue of Liberty and Manhattan New York

New York is all about the streets, the lights at night, the tall skyscrappers, and one of the way to enjoy this magnificent scenery is by having yourself a helicopter ride over the city.


I still remember how beautiful it looked that day, fine weather, sunny, flying above Manhattan and over the Statue of Liberty.


 The New York Helicopter ride is located on 6 East River Piers, New York, NY 10004. The heliport is very close to Wall Street or the financial district.


If you are interested, you could email them for booking to or dial 212-361-6060.


The price varies depending on the length of time, but approximately is around USD150. You could check Groupon in case there are promotions.




Gratitutes to the pilot are very appreciated, and remember to bring it with you, because your bags would be stored in a locker when you fly.

Definitely Worth a Visit to Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C

This is the second largest natural history museum after the biggest one in New York.

You don’t need to pay for admission because it is free, and the museum is located on 10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW; Washington, D.C. 20560

There are many sections divided in this museum. You would find the areas of Human Origins, Ocean Hall and Mammals on the First Floor.

Then Mummies, Insects, Gems, Diamond, Fossils and Dinosaurs in the Second Floor.

There would be not only skulls, skeleton or preserved creatures, but some living animals could be found in the museums, such as the butterfly live show, fishes in the aquarium. 

My most favorite section is the butterfly areas. There is a special room filled with living butterflies, and if you are a butterfly lover, be sure to check this out, however, you will need to pay for the live show!

This is different from art and history museums, and is more related to our surrounding and everyday lives, so I think that it could catch your attention more.


You might need at least more than one hour for a quick glance, but three to four hours time are enough.


It would be nice if you could make some contribution by sparing some of your money as a donation to this museum.

You do not need to give much, USD 5 is recommended, but it is appreciated if you could give more!

P.S: 고맙습니다  오빠