Downtown Boston and Quincy Market in One Night

Boston city is known for its many scholars, college, universities, and that is why it is very common to meet many young people all around the world.

Boston is a small city, and in this blog I will show you how to get around downtown Boston and the famous Quincy Market if you only had one night.

If you arrived in South station by taking Greyhoubd bus, you will see big Chinatown gate just straight in front of the terminal.

According to census, there is a high population of Asian Americans living in this area of Boston,  and it is one of the most densely populated residential areas in Boston. 

Walk straight toward the Chinatown gate, and you all along the way you will encounter many chinese and vietnamese restaurants and stores in that area.

After the end of the Chinatown, we will be heading toward Washington street. There would be plenty of fashion stores and retails in this area.

The streets are usually filled with people, especially students. However, due to the strong wind and also snow in this week, many preferred to stay at home and which is why somehow the road looks quieter than usual.

During Christmas time, lights are filled everywhere on the corner of the streets.


Not only fashion stores, but cafes and bars are easily spotted. Not only Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, but there are also many local taverns and pubs.

You will encounter this area, one of the biggest street in Boston, where cars and people were passing through left and right, almost like the Shibuya in Japan.

One of the mosty popular bar near the Quincy Market is the Union Bar (Union Oyster House), it is actually famous for its oyster and lobster.

After around 20 minutes of slow walk, you will reach the Faneuil Hall Marketplace or known as Quincy Market.

The Quincy Market opens 10am until 9pm from Monday to Saturday, and 11am until 6pm on Sunday.

Quincy Market food court sells various kinds of food, such a Asian, Italian and even Mexican cuisines.

 You can have your dinner in the middle of the market. Sometimes there would be live music performance here.

Not only that, there are also stalls that sold accessories, souvenirs and even Harvard Campus apparel.

There is also a big Christmas tree decorated with lightbulbs in the centre of the market.

You would only need around 2-3 hours for the night, and I suggest you to walk around by foot rather than using busses because sometimes there would be traffic as the streets are very small.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find a parking lot as well, so why not walk around exploring this city?


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