I have left my Heart in San Francisco with Free SF Tour

If you are planning to come and visit San Francisco but at the same time you are also having limited travel budget, you could try Free SF Tour!
What is a Free SF Tour? It is a fully guided walking tour, starting from Union Square, continued to Chinatown, Financial District, and then Port of San Francisco.


The City Hall

What is the best thing about this tour? The best thing is definitely because it is FREE and the tour guide Filip is a very fun and caring person!

We learnt alot from this tour, especially the history of San Francisco, and what’s exciting is we are able to meet new people and even make friends from the tour.

Great Grandmother of San Francisco

The tour starts at 10 oclock in Union Square, and you do not need any bookings or appoinment, so you would just need to come and find Filip in the Union Square, just right in front of the ‘Heart’ of SF.

Although it is free, the tour guide is definitely professional, also gratitutes are very appreciated at the end of the tour.

 In addition, there are 10 bucket lists of things you ought to do while in SF, unfotunately Filip only gave it to those who joins the tour with him, so I wouldn’t be able to share em to you! Enjoy the tour!


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