USD 92.65 of Sim Card Sold in Los Angeles Airport Terminal 3

This is one of the important thing many have asked while travelling to U.S, whether or not they sold Simcard and data plans?

In my case, I bought myself a prepaid simcard with 1 GB of 4G, unlimited 3G data plan, and free text and call within U.S region for 30 days.

Expensive? Yes it was, some told me that you could find that kind of deal with only half price in downtown. So i bought the simcard for 85+tax so total 92.65 dollars.

But the thing is I am a solo traveler and I desperately need internet, as much as I could, so I do not mind paying more.

Once you get out of the arrival hall, you can ask the officers where you could find a simcard, and the stall is on the left side of our arrival hall (still inside the airport building).

Fyi: There are various of data plan depending on what you needed, free wifi are available in the airport.


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