Ash Berry Hair Color DIY Review

I love to color my hair, from maroon, gold, I have tried them all. I usually colored my hair in beauty saloon, but recently I found that DIY seems interesting.

I picked Ash Berry color amongst all the hair color brands on the shelves, and I was attracted to its cute packaging.

So, I bought myself one and tried it at home. In this blog, I would give step by step explanations of my hair coloring DIY.

1st Step


Pour the liquid in the black bottle to the white one. Don’t worry, you could pour them all into it.

 2nd Step

Shake the white bottle for a few times and change its head into the spray head (left side).

3rd Step


Use the hand gloves, it is included. Then apply throughly to your hair for around 10 minutes and leave them for 20-30minutes (there would be bubbles, just like when you shampooing).

4th Step


Wash off you hair with warm water, dry it off with cloth, then apply an after color treatment. Leave it for 5 minutes, make sure it is applied evenly. And then wash it off with warm water, and rinse with cold water at the end.

The Result

My previous hair color is brown, and I even had myself some gold highlights. My hair accepts the hair coloring very well, probably because I frequently colored my hair. Now my brown hair and hightlights turn a little greeny and ashy, and I love them so much.

It would be quite hard if your hair is red or reddish, because you might need to color it several times to erase the red color away. My friend took around 5 times from red into brown. It is not instant because she didn’t bleach her hair.

Happy Trial and Good Luck!


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