Mois’ Kue Lapis, The Integration of Indonesian – Dutch – Chinese Spekkoek


Mois’ Chocolate & Original Kue Lapis    

“I do believe there’s good in all of us, even if it’s layered over so thickly” ~ Lili Taylor

And so does this magnificent thousand layered cake.

In the year of 1602, The Dutch Colony had come to Indonesia, and within 350 years of colonization, much more or less the Dutch culture brought some influence.

   One of the influence was Spekkoek, the thousand layered cake, it is an Indonesia version of the European multi-layered spit cake, which contains cardamom, cinnamon, clove, mace also anise.

In Indonesia, Spekkoek is known as ‘kue lapis’, whereas ‘kue’ itself means cake, and ‘lapis’ means layered. Spekkoek could be in a round shape, or even rectangular.


Mois’ Oat and Cheese Kue Lapis

35 decades created Indonesian-Dutch Spekkoek, but how would it taste like when the recipe falls into another Spekkoek Master? How about a try on Indonesian-Dutch-Chinese integration from Mois’ Layer Cake Shop?

Mois’ was named after its owner ‘a-moi’, she is the third generation of Chinese born in Indonesia. The business started from a hobby, and then became a home industry business after the rose of their cakes popularity.

Mama Mois had started baking since she was very young, she baked ‘kue lapis’, pineapple tarts, roll cakes and many more. After ten years of home business, she and her two daughters decided to take their specialty to the next level.


My most favorite cheesy kue lapis from Mois’

They started to open their first shop in 2012, and followed the second shop earlier this 2015. The increase of demands are due to Mama Mois’ view about Standard, because she will never serve cakes under the standard that she has set.

Therefore, Mois’ is known to their quality control in producing ‘kue lapis’, where the cakes sold are always freshly baked from the oven. According to Mama Mois’, Mois’ produce minimum of 70 ‘kue lapis’ on weekdays and 120 while weekend.


Mois’ Cakes and Beverages

 The selling point of Mois’ ‘kue lapis’ is within their unique flavor, such as the Chinese Plums, Japanese Green Tea, and also many other flavors of ‘kue lapis’ creatively sold in the market.

In addition, Mois’ Pastry Shop also accepts order for events and celebrations, such as baby hampers for full-month celebration, mother’s day, and many more. However, you will need to make an early booking.


Mois’ Layer Cake Shop

Mois’ Layer Cake Shop is located in:

Bintan Island ~ Jl. Wiratno (Next to Kaputra Hotel), Tanjung Pinang

Batam Island ~ Jl. Nagoya Citywalk / Southwalk C No.6, Batam

Line: Vinasoh BB Pin: 21ABE1E9 Hp: 08566755819

Instagram: Mois_Layercakehouse

Every time I had a bite of its cake, the sweetness, as well as the softness are always the same. I have tried Mama Mois’ specialty for almost a decade, and I can guarantee the taste has never even once fade away.

“Trust me, the goodness are inside, layer by layer.”


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