What To Wear in Winter? How To Keep Yourself Warm While Travelling?

Christmas is coming, are you going somewhere cold or snowy this winter? Are you a first time winter traveler? Do you want to keep yourself warm and stylish instead of looking like a walking Hamburger?

Don’t worry, you would definitely be looking good after this!

  1. Thermal Wear

Whether you will be travelling to countries with snow or not, as long as the temperature is under 20°C and there would be a strong wind forecast, then I suggest to put on yourself some Thermal Wear (usually known as Long John).

Thermal is a pair of long sleeves shirt and pants that normally worn during cold weather. So, thermal is worn for the first layer of cold protection, and you could wear flannel shirts or sweater on the second layer.

You could find yourself a softer and thinner thermal if you are afraid of looking fat. There are many thermal brands sold in department store, but my favorite has always been the Heat-tech by Uniqlo. There are many colors available, such as Black, Navy Blue, and even lighter colors.


By wearing a thermal doesn’t mean that you would not feel cold no matter how low the temperature is, this is something that many had misunderstood. A thermal is worn to kept the heat or warmth inside your body, and protect you whenever the wind is strong.

  1. Flannel Shirt/Sweater

You definitely need to wear a second layer after you put on your thermal, such as flannel Shirts and sweaters. There are no restrictions to what kind of second layer you should wear, but remember to choose a warmer fabric.

Remember, it is so wrong to think that the clothes will keep you warm as long as they are long sleeves or cover your body. No, they are not! put in mind that long sleeves shirt or turtle neck made from cotton are not able to keep you warmth enough,  but wool could, so bring yourself a more suitable clothes to keep you warm.

  1. Winter coat

FullSizeRender (3)

My Winter Wear While in Brig, Siwtzerland

You thought two layers would be enough, no, not yet. If you would be travelling from day and night, what makes you so sure your body is able to handle the 24-7 cold? You definitely need a winter coat. The type of winter coat depends on where you would be going as well as the temperature; you would need to buy a thicker wool fabric because they are warmer.

Winds are usually strong while winter, so a decent winter coat would keep you away from it. One or two piece of coats are enough, you could have one in brown color, and the other one in black, keep in mind that these colors definitely never die.

Many has asked me whether or not they need a very thick winter coat, the one that would make you look like a Definite Hamburger? Well, the answer is yes if the place you would visit are snowy as having a strong wind. I was in Brig, Switzerland last time, it was snowy but no winds, so an usual Winter coat worked well for me at that time.

  1. Scarf

I am a scarf collector, and it is my most favorite winter fashion accessories. Why? Because you will be wearing your same winter coat over and over again. I wouldn’t want to look the same in the picture all over the time, and different kinds of scarf would give us different kind of looks.

Nobody would know what I wore inside, but they certainly could see differences from the outlook, wouldn’t they? However, scarf not only about the look, but scarf is also effective in protecting our neck from the cold.

  1. Gloves

Gloves are effective to keep the warm in our hands, and you have to wear it while your hands are still warm, and not after they are cold. The common gloves we had would not allow us to use our phone, but with a touch screen gloves, you wouldn’t need to put on and take off your gloves while using your phone anymore!

  1. Wool Socks

Every part of our body is important to be protected from cold, and feet unconditionally. You walk and travel with your feet, right? So you need to make sure they are healthy and warm as well. You need to buy yourself a couple of wool made socks to keep them extra warm, because cold and even wet feet would affect your activity.

  1. Boots

I prefer leather boots, because they are usually stronger and better made. If your wool socks have warmed your feet enough, then basically you don’t need to buy boots because boots are expensive. However, if you compare common shoes or sneakers with boots, then definitely boots are better.

Not only they are stronger, but some are even waterproof. Black colored boots are easier to match with clothes rather than brown colored boots, make sure you bought 1/2 or a size bigger than what you usually wear, because cotton socks are definitely thicker.

Now you definitely are ready to look good this winter! Have fun!