A Private Driver, A Private Guide, A Flexible Itinerary, Yes, You Could Have Them All in ChinaDiscovery

While on vacation, some prefer using tour service, but some also prefer to plan the itinerary on their own, because it saves more money and also more flexible. However, being abroad sometimes is not as easy as it thought, especially when language becomes a barrier of a good communication to take place.

English is still acceptable to major big cities like Beijing, Shanghai or even Hangzhou, but it is a total stranger when it comes to cities like Luoyang, Mount Huangshan, or in small and rural village located in Fujian province, so when these occur, you will need yourself a reputable tour agency in China.

I have been to China a couple of times, I had been there alone without tours, with travel agencies from my homeland, and also had been there using the recommended local tours, however, never the experience was as great and as exciting as it was when I customized my own trip with using the service from ChinaDiscovery.

I was in Luoyang, Xi’an and Mount HuaShan for 6 days, a family tour consists of 5 person. We had a private van with our own driver and local tour guide, they spoke good English, good knowledge, but most importantly, they are very professional and have a very good attitude.

Also, the price is acceptable as the budget depends on how many stars you choose for. As for the payment, I paid it half through wire transfer, and I paid the rest after I arrived, and I am definitely satisfied with the service given by this tour.

I was quite scared that the tour might be a disappointment because I found this tour through internet, no recommendation from my closest friends or anybody else, so the only guarantee I had is through the positive reviews the clients had shared in their webpage and tripadvisor.

Again since China has been so well known for its serious “credibility” issue, I was so frightened that my tour guide wouldn’t be there picking me up on the D-day and my money was already gone together with the tour agency that cheated on me.

This is also one of the reason why I requested to pay only half the tour and the rest after I reached there. However, I am so glad because it turns out to be very positive and well-arranged, I still remember how fast and patient the customer service, Rita had served me. So I decided I should share my experience and write a very good review for this tour.

The more people in the tour, then the more discounts you will get, because you will share less burden on the vehicle as well as the food, the driver and the guide fee. I was picked up with a comfy fan, and the food served suit me and my family as well.

As for the hotels, I recommend you to stay in a 4 or 5-stars hotel in China. However, you need to keep in mind that the hotels standard in China are different depending on the city you will visit. Take Luoyang as an example, Luoyang is a very small town, so there are only few hotels there. Therefore, the 5-stars hotel in Luoyang is similar to 3 or 4 stars hotel they had in Shanghai.

I prefer to plan for my tour alone. However, China is rich of its three thousand years of history that I would not be able to learn it within a single day or even a week. So, to make sure I had a better understanding on the places I would be, then I decided to use a tour agency.

Also keep in mind that there are ChinaDiscoveryTours based in U.S and ChinaDiscovery is based in Chengdu, and the one I used is the ChinaDiscovery from Chengdu, China. Hope you enjoy your trip with them as well!


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