Joyo Private Island, Indonesia Hidden Treasure

No, Summer is not over yet, in fact, it will never come to and end here!

Island Picture is the Courtesy of Pulau Joyo

Wax, skin treatment, sunglasses and bikinis on, yeah, these are the preparations for a total Summer Holiday! Many would visit top tourist resorts, Bali or Maldives, you name it, but not much know that there is another treasure hidden. A private island of your own to enjoy sunrises and sunsets!

Picture taken at the departure harbor in Bintan Island

Joyo Island is known as Pulau Joyo in Indonesia, which Pulau itself means Island, and is located in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, easily accessible from Singapore and Bintan. The transportation from Bintan/Singapore to Pulau Joyo is fully arranged, so don’t worry about How to get there.

Pulau Joyo-1191
Picture is the courtesy of Moomedia

The island is surrounded by white sand beaches and clear blue sea, and consist of 6 palaces and 2 small bale house. Each Palace has one King sized bed, an ensuite shower and bathroom and a Balinese day-bed. The spacious living area and sea-view terraces are furnished with sun-loungers and sofas-perfect for simply drinking in the peaceful atmosphere of Pulau Joyo.

Pulau Joyo-1139
Picture is the courtesy of Moomedia

The best thing about Pulau Joyo is you may book the whole island to yourselves, with minimum 12 adults for 2 nights. We were there last time with 26 adults, and were welcomed with warm by the staff once we get there. The rooms and palaces were beautifully designed, meals were all served and fully taken care of, everything was so perfectly arranged.

Fresh Swimming Pool with Turquoise Water

Sea activities, such as snorkeling, canoes, sailing dinghies, and even fishing are available. There are also other activities you could do while in the island, such as billiard, badminton, also fresh water swimming pool, full body massage, and Free WIFI Yeay! So, need no worry about missing your posts in instagram!

Picture of Our First Day Fun in Joyo Island

We had so much laughs and fun exploring the whole island in the first day, such as canoeing, sun bathing, and a little drinking at night.

FullSizeRender (2)
Our Second Day in Pulau Joyo

However, we decided to continue our second day by enjoying the serenity and peacefulness of the island before the night ends. We told stories, share our big dreams in this small island, and ended our getaway with ‘happiness’ and ‘love’.

Click here for direct transfer to Pulau Joyo Website

We believe this is an island that brought love into one, and may you have yours too!


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