Hello Kitty Café located at Hongdae Street in Seoul, South Korea

Are you a fan of Hello Kitty? Why not celebrating the happiest moment with Hello Kitty while in Seoul?

Kitty White or Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by Sanrio. It was first introduced in Japan around 1975, and was brought to United States a year later. Hello Kitty was pictured as a white kitty-cat with a red bow. Although it was designed to target on pre-adolescent female at first, but then it had received numerous of popularity on young adult consumer as well.

Hello Kitty Cafe, from hellokittycafe.co.kr

Ever since, Hello Kitty could be found on variety of products. From school bags and stationary, fashion accessories and apparel, and even Hello Kitty themed cafe are opened for business as well. The cafes are opened in many countries, such as Taiwan, Bangkok, and currently four of them are located in Seoul, South Korea.
Hello Kitty Cafe main gate, from hellokittycafe.co.kr

The café is easily recognized because the interior and exterior design. From the main gate, cashier, and even the washrooms are Hello Kitty Themed.

Picture of Hello Kitty Cheesecake

The price of their drinks and patisseries are affordable, price range from W3,000 onward. The desserts are standard, so don’t expect too much. The café opens daily from 09.30 until 22.30. Don’t forget to try their new menu while you are here.

hello kitty new menu
Ice Flakes: Red Bean Pink, Cookie Chocolate, Mango Cheese

The most visited Hello Kitty Café in Seoul is located on an uphill alley off Eoulmadang-ro. However, the cafe recently moved to 18, Wausan-ro 19-gil, here is the map of the new Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae.

Picture taken from hellokittycafe.co.kr

This blog is dedicated to my beloved friend. ‘Dear Susi, Have a nice trip!


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